martes, 22 de septiembre de 2009

Sí, es cierto

Al principio no me lo creía, pero contrastando con algunas webs y blogs, Sir Kalis patina now para DGK.

E encontrado la entrevista: (English)

It's not official from Alien Workshop or DGK (beside a leaked board graphic), but Josh Kalis has left Alien to reunite with his homie Stevie Williams on DGK. I caught up with Josh to ask him about the change and what happened with Alien and here's what he said...

I was just wondering how the whole DGK thing came about.
Me and Stevie were just talking one day and were saying, "Man, we gotta team back up on somethin'," you know? We were talking about how just stale skateboarding was and how people just don't really hang out with each other anymore. They just kind of skate for companies, whether it be because it's just a cool company or it's a solid paycheck. Whatever, you know? We were just talking about how skateboarding just lost its vibe of friendship and lifestyle, you know? DGK's vibe was always just that—like, this is our life and we roll together and this is what we do—skateboarding is bringing us together. Stevie and I hadn't rode for the same thing forever and we were just like, "Man, we gotta do something like that," and it escalated into, "Why don't we just roll on the same squad? The DGK squad?" because that's what we are...we're old Love Park cats, you know?

How long have you guys know eachother?
We've known one another since the early '90s.

Since he was Lil' Stevie, right?
Yeah, he was lil' Lil' Stevie.

So, how did everything end up with Alien, then?
It wasn't hard. Nobody made it more difficult than what it needed to be. I just told them that this is what I wanted to do—this is what I'm going to do—and it was almost as if they knew it was coming at some point, you know?

Were there things you were unhappy with at Alien? Or did you just want to get back to that homey connection of being back with your friends?
I wanted to skate for fun and with a friend...go back to the homie connection, you know? Me and Alien just grew apart. You know, I felt like I was Alien Workshop, through and through, for 15 years—that's what I was. Alien Workshop was Sovereign Sect and it just grew into something that I wasn't growing with. Me and Workshop had a long run, but we just grew apart from one another.


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